Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Floral Fantastic

Most of our job seeker marketing is aimed at women, following the previous success of other floral based designs in attracting people to our site, I decided to engineer the design more towards women, built on the floral aspect and added a pinch of summeryness. I was more or less pleased with the result but the real test is always in how well it markets the business.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

You Mail Logo

I made this nearly a year ago now when I started working for YouYou, but I still like it because of the simplicity and what not I think it's my favourite logo I have created. Although someone pointed out to me afterwards, it looks a bit like the Postman pat special delivery service logo.


Friday, 16 July 2010

Old marketing for YouYou

Here is another small selection of marketing work. As we have two avenues of people to advertise to there are two designs of a similar theme, they both basically outline our specific recruitment process but the top one is aimed at jobseekers and the bottom one is aimed at companies, the majority of our jobseekers are women, so the design was more engineered towards them whereas the companies one had to be a bit more corporate and as such lifeless and dead like a run over cat. But I was still quite pleased with them as a pair.

much love

Icon Frenzy

I recently redesigned some of the main icons for the YouYou website, Vamped them up a bit and added a load of cool shinyness. I was quite pleased with them but a lot like big brother, YOU DECIDE.

They were pretty fun to make, I think good icons should always look a bit....edible, at least with web 2.0 they all do anyway.

YouYou explosion

Here are some of the more recent works I have made for, the first is marketing aimed specifically at companies looking to hire new employees and the second is marketing for job seekers looking for a job (obviously) I was quit happy with both of these, as they do not look amazing but I feel that I am getting the message across in a simple and design conscious way. Which I guess is what graphic design is about. Or at least I hope so.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Beat N Veg

This is a front and back design for an A6 flyer for a night in Bristol put on by a friend of mine, it's from a while ago now but I thought I might as well bang it on.