Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Vicente García Morillo...Is the bomb.

Vicente Garcia Morillo is an illustrator and graphic artist from Madrid and I seriously dig his style, his superb use of the gradient mesh tools and pattern brushes and what not as well as a cheeky bit of added noise gives such a great texture to his images, while they yet still retain an electronic, or not real factor that provides a nice  contrast.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Be Ready flyer design, May Contain Nuts

This flyer is for Be Ready Records' New Year's Eve night, originaly they wanted printed flyers but due to a lack of time they just had a web one, it's not a great flyer by any means, it felt quite rushed, largely because it had to be. But it helped me start to get the hang of the gradient mesh tool which is fantastible.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Aurelius International Commissioned work

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to create a few web based images for Aurelius international, a secretarial and office support recruitment agency. They didn't want me to spend too much time on it and the size and resolution of the images was very strict as they were to be uploaded to a directory service for businesses. The top one is a basic business card design.

World collabs series

This piece, created by Justin Maller is the first of a series of many where artists and established designers are releasing their .PSD files for the rest of the world to see and use in order to further their own design process and create interesting collaborations, below are some reworkings of the above image by Dawid Cmok.